A former lighthouse with a new purpose.. to appear in my photos

Take one decomissioned lighthouse at the point where the Mersey and Irish Sea meet, and et voila…

But first, a shell..

Now, the lighthouse…

The lighthouse and a bench – and below that, a perfectly framed in a victorian seafront shelter – before more of the lighthouse..

Finally, a ship is inextricably drawn towards the setting sun.. Night all.

Back on the Island off the coast of Southampton again

Monday 11th – Friday 15th October

Various photos, mostly of the sea, sunrise, sunsets and occasional random stuff – like this of two (viciously overpriced small bottles of Coke – thanks for the dent in my credit card, Warners Hotel Bembridge).

Do enjoy grazing and scrolling down on the following..

And with a photo of a Navy boat, that’s your lot, so it’s a case of –