A former lighthouse with a new purpose.. to appear in my photos

Take one decomissioned lighthouse at the point where the Mersey and Irish Sea meet, and et voila…

But first, a shell..

Now, the lighthouse…

The lighthouse and a bench – and below that, a perfectly framed in a victorian seafront shelter – before more of the lighthouse..

Finally, a ship is inextricably drawn towards the setting sun.. Night all.

Back on the Island off the coast of Southampton again

Monday 11th – Friday 15th October

Various photos, mostly of the sea, sunrise, sunsets and occasional random stuff – like this of two (viciously overpriced small bottles of Coke – thanks for the dent in my credit card, Warners Hotel Bembridge).

Do enjoy grazing and scrolling down on the following..

And with a photo of a Navy boat, that’s your lot, so it’s a case of –

Big Boats Sailing Again…

New Brighton, June 2021..

Bog standard Stena ‘waterbus’ to Dublin, the MSC Virtuosa and one of the Viking Cruise Ships – the name of which escapes me.. the lighthouse, and just because, a moody shot to remind myself of the monochrome setting loafing around, mostly unused in the menu on the camera.

Not the best set of pictures I’ve ever taken, but..always the next time to take something nice and drain the battery on it.