Back on the Island off the coast of Southampton again

Monday 11th – Friday 15th October

Various photos, mostly of the sea, sunrise, sunsets and occasional random stuff – like this of two (viciously overpriced small bottles of Coke – thanks for the dent in my credit card, Warners Hotel Bembridge).

Do enjoy grazing and scrolling down on the following..

And with a photo of a Navy boat, that’s your lot, so it’s a case of –

The break quickly improved once the ferry left Portsmouth

Isle of Wight – Monday 26th – Friday 30th October

No whimsy text this time – just photos, and (mainly for the benefit of my random Chinese viewers, brought here via an obscure search engine) here are the locations of photos taken, thus..

Beach and Sea photos – Bembridge.

Jetty and boathouse (c) RNLI Bembridge

Bigger ships. HM Border Force, the Royal Navy and err.. a Hovercraft

On to the scenic piccies..